2023 Foal Enrollment Information


Valley Girls Barrel Racing Association -  Click here for link to VGBRA Site


All registered offspring by Stallions in the Incentive Program are immediately eligible to compete for the purses as long as they meet the entry requirements of the VGBRA Futurity or Maturity. 
Owners or riders of eligible foals must nominate and pay a onetime fee of two hundred dollars ($200) on or before March 1st of the year competing and must also be entered in the Barrel Daze Open Futurity. A one time fee of one hundred dollars ($100) must be paid prior to March 1st for those entering the Maturity and they must also be entered in the Barrel Daze Open Maturity. (The Stallion Incentive Program classes are not a separate race, but are handled as a side pot.) 


 3 Rivers Barrel Racing Association -  Click here for the 3RBRA Site

The Barrel Futurity is open to any horse that is coming 4 or coming 5 the year of the races. Front and Back of registration papers must be shown to office when signing up. Unregistered horses must show proof of age with veterinarian’s affidavit. If the sire is in our stallion incentive, they are eligible for incentive money.

To enter the futurity the horse must never have competed in a barrel race prior to November 15th.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in elimination from futurity and forfeiture of entry fees. All futurity and derby entrants must be checked in prior to competing.
Derby/Maturity is open to any horse that is of the age of eight or younger as of January 1st , 2022 (born in 2014). If their sire was ever in our stallion incentive program, they are eligible for the incentive bonus money.
Horses are not allowed to enter the futurity and derby in the same year.
The 3RBRA Baby Daddy Incentive provides a side bonus exclusively for eligible foals sired by stallions enrolled in the 3RBRA Incentive. A Stallion Auction is held annually to raise funds for the Futurity, and Stallion Incentive Side Bonus.


Barrel Breeders Incentive -  Click here for BBI Site

We give the barrel racer who is riding a BBI eligible horse at annually named events, a chance to win a lot of money at no extra cost to them except for a $50 per event registration fee for BBI contestants ($35.00 is jackpotted back). Barrel racers not riding BBI horses are not eligible to win any of this sidepot money!


 Barrel Racers National 4D -  Click here for BRN4D Site 

 ALL foals eligible  - $210 at ANY age. 


Top Shelf Breeders -  Click here for Top Shelf Breeders Site

All incentive offspring by Stallions and Mares enrolled in the Top Shelf Breeders incentive Program are immediately eligible to compete for the purses in Top Shelf Breeders incentive races as long as they meet the entry requirements of the Top Shelf Breeders incentive program Futurity or Derby, 4d or Prorodeo requirements. 

Enrollment Fee Schedule 

$250 in the 2023 inaugural year regardless of age until October 01, 2023, OR prior to competition at a TSB Sidepot event. 

Nominations Due Dates (AFTER OCT 01, 2023) 

$250 by March 1 of the foals yearling year. 

Foal Enrollment Late Fees (2024 & beyond) 

$600 by March 1 of the 2 yr old year 

$2000 by March 1of the foals 3-year-old year 

$4000 by March 1  of the foals 4-year-old year 

$6000 by March 1 of the foals 5 year old year+ 

**Foal Enrollment/nomination is a one-time payment for the life of the horse.


 Colorado Classic -  Click here for Colorado Classic Site


International Ranch Horse Association - 

No foal enrollment fees


Nebraska Ranch Horse Association -  Click here for the NeRHA Site

 Participating offspring have a $100 nomination per year of participation. Yearlings to 3 Yr Olds. 


Barrel Racing Incentive Fund -  Click here for the BRIF Site

The only exception to this rule are progeny of newly enrolled stallions (enrolled for the very first time in 2023) these horses may pay in until Dec 2023 at a fee of $150/horse. Enrollment forms are found on the website www.barrelbash.com under the BRIF tab. 

FEES Below are the regular enrollment fees for BRIF progeny 
Yearlings $150 //Two year olds $250 //Three year olds+ $350


Tomorrows Legends - Click here for Tomorrows Legends Site

 Zeus is first being nominated for 2024 breeding.  Watch for enrollment updates for your foals here. 


Cowboy State Stallion -  Click here for Cowboy State Stallion Incentive

2023 Newly Nominated Stallion - One year olds (received by 12/31/23) $200
2023 Newly Nominated Stallion - Two year olds & older (received by 12/31/23) $250 
Weanling - 2023 Foal (received by 12/31/22) $150
Yearling - 2022 Foal (received by 12/31/22)  $250
Two Year Old - 2021 Foal (received by 12/31/22) $300
Three Year Old - 2020 Foal (received by 12/31/22) $400
Four Year Old & Older (received by 12/31/22) $500